Welcome to Meggie’s Kitchen

Welcome to Meggie’s Kitchen!  The purpose of this site is to offer easy, nutritious and tasty recipes for those with developmental disabilities to prepare on their own.

This is my daughter, Megan.    She is 27-years old and has Down Syndrome. She has many interests and one in particular is  cooking.  She often  helps me in the kitchen and once a week, helps her sister by picking out  a recipe and preparing it for her family.

I enter cooking contests for a hobby.  She wanted to try entering one once and we collaborated and entered  a Quaker Oats Contest.  Her recipe, “Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich “, was chosen as a top 10 finalist.  It was very exciting for her and there was even a feature article about her in our local newspaper.

Each week, we will be adding a new recipe.  Megan will be demonstrating each recipe in a step-by-step format with pictures.  We hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful!

Terri and Megan

P.S. In the three weeks since we started this blog, I’ve noticed a new confidence and independence from Megan in the kitchen.  She is suggesting new recipes and taking initiative.  I am so proud of her! 

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  1. Just found your blog and this is great! I am very excited to put some of your recipes to use! I work at a day facility for Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and we incorporate cooking into our program, thanks for the inspiration for some new ideas!

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